Brought to life more than 1 billion years of Alberta’s geological history with the new AGS website


Saw public confidence levels in the AER increase from 77 to 82 per cent

Carried out 7 compliance sweeps with 358 inspections in the Peace River area

Introduced the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework, which outlines how we ensure companies are following our rules

Created a dashboard with 6 outcomes and 12 performance measures to report on progress in reducing flaring, venting, and incinerating, and increasing gas conservation in the Peace River area

Welcomed feedback from 1500+ people on the AER’s proposed model to achieve regulatory excellence.

Inspected 100 energy-related dams as part of the AER’s dam safety inspection program


Generated $200 million in annual savings to industry as a result of changes made to Directive 017

Hosted 35 delegations from 16 different countries, including one from Mexico led by that country’s energy minister


Launched Conversations That Matter, an animated video series that explains complicated energy-related topics in a unique way—viewed almost 60 000 times