Supported the government response to the Fort McMurray wildfire by providing valuable information to industry and by ensuring the safe startup of operations once the fire was controlled.


Generated over $224 million in annual savings for industry by making our regulatory processes more efficient, without compromising public safety or environmental protection.

Launched Resource.aer.ca, a site where the AER posts stories, images, and video about Alberta’s energy development and how it’s regulated—with more than 80 stories and some 30 000 visitors.

Developed new rules to manage tailings with the ongoing support of a committee of AER stakeholders.


Worked with Alberta Health on a year-long study into air quality and odour concerns near Fort McKay by making 17 recommendations to improve conditions.

application, review, decision

Piloted a new approach requiring a single, integrated application for all activities within a project instead of separate ones for each activity. This new approach gives a clearer picture of the broader impacts of energy development.

Issued Directive 086, which strengthened public safety and environmental protection by introducing new reservoir containment rules for projects in the Athabasca area.

Worked with indigenous elders to develop Voices of Understanding, a document about using indigenous oral decision-making to help improve interactions between the AER and indigenous people.

Culminated years of commitment to Peace River-area residents by releasing new requirements to control gas emissions from heavy oil and bitumen operations in the region.

Partnered with Mexico to create the International Centre of Regulatory Excellence—a not-for-profit institution to help regulators worldwide train, collaborate, and innovate.

Developed the Industry Performance Program and released a detailed report on pipeline performance.

Launched the Enterprise Learning Branch to provide coordinated and standardized learning to ensure AER employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs well.

Issued 4053 reclamation certificates, confirming that companies met all requirements to reclaim an energy site.

82% of Albertans and 77% of stakeholders expressed confidence in the AER.

Exceeded our target to reduce pipeline incidents in 2016 with a drop of 3% to 1.1 per 1000 km.