Information pertaining to pipelines regulated by the AER and that operate solely within the province’s boundaries. Pipelines that cross provincial or federal borders are regulated by the National Energy Board. For information related to pipeline applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer.

Product Name

Pipeline Attribute File

Frequency of Publication

For the Province of Alberta, this product details pipelines, pipeline lines, pipeline specifications and pipeline installations as submitted by industry. Experimental pipelines are not included.

Attributes: Pipelines: pipeline approval number, agent company code, substance code 1, substance code 2, substance 3, H2S content, area office code; Pipeline Line Number: pipeline number, pipeline from location, pipeline from facility, pipeline to location, pipeline to facility, pipeline length, pipeline status, pipeline environ code, permit approval date, permit expiry date, licence approval date, original approval number, original pipeline number, original permit approval date, last occurrence year; Pipeline Specifications: pipe outside diameter, pipe wall thickness, pipe material code, pipe type, pipe grade, pipe max op press, pipe joints code, internal protect, pipe stress level; Pipeline Installation: installation number, installation location, installation facility, installation power, installation prime mover, installation status, permit approval date, permit expiry date, licence approval date.

Layout Document: This product includes detailed descriptions of the record layout and data mode. For complex files, the layout documentation also includes descriptions of the source data, limitations, editing during file creation, and maintenance.

For similar information in shapefile format, see Enhanced Pipeline Graphics File.


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