Information pertaining to pipelines regulated by the AER and that operate solely within the province’s boundaries. Pipelines that cross provincial or federal borders are regulated by the National Energy Board. For information related to pipeline applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer.

Product Name

Pipeline Register File

Frequency of Publication
As requested

The Pipeline Register File provides technical details of pipelines for a given individual pipeline, including some or all of the following:

  • Licence number
  • company name
  • business associate code, substance
  • H2S
  • technical standard
  • area office
  • line number
  • from and to location
  • from and to facility
  • length (km)
  • status
  • environment code
  • pipeline specification
  • outside diameter (mm)
  • wall thickness (mm)
  • material
  • type
  • grade
  • maximum operating pressure (kpa)
  • stress level, joints
  • internal protection
  • year of occurrence
  • permit approval date
  • permit expiry date
  • licence approval date
  • original licence number
  • original line number
  • original issue date

This product is similar to the Pipeline Licence Details Report.

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Licence number (and optionally line number) or business associate code

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