Information about facilities in Alberta. Facility types include battery, gas plant, meter station, as well as other facility types operating in the province. For information related to facility applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer.

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Reporting Facility Details Report

Frequency of Publication
As requested

A report with information about one facility.

Attributes: Reporting Facility Details: Facility Name, Facility SubType, Operational Status, Operator, Surface Location, First Volumetric Activity Date; Linked Licence Detail: Licence Number, Licensee, Licence Status, Licence Status Date, Energy Development Category Type; Linked Production Strings: Production String UWI, Well Licence Number, Head Lessor, Status Fluid, Status Mode, Status Type, Status Structure, Status Date; Operator History: Operator, Effective Date, Termination Date; Operational Status History: Operational Status, Effective Date, Termination Date

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Reporting facility ID and activity date range (from month/year)

Individual Products

By Facility ID PDF, XLS, CSV $11.00