Subsurface (Geology)

Information related to sub-surface geology and reserves in the province of Alberta. For more geological reports, digital data, and maps, please see the Alberta Geological Survey.

Play Workbook

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The AER and its predecessors have provided independent appraisals of Alberta’s energy resources since 1961. Over the past few years, the AER has begun to identify subsurface plays (a geology-based grouping of resources) based on geological attributes.

To help understand these plays, the AER has developed the Play Workbook for the over 120 geological plays in Alberta. Each play is linked to specific information that summarizes the activity, production, reserves, and geology of the play.

The Play Workbook is an interactive visualization tool that will support the AER to effectively plan for and address Alberta’s future energy development, regulations, and operational needs.

The Play Workbook allows the user to filter by play and displays information regarding geological attributes, drilling, production, reserves, and well status. This information is accompanied with maps and charts to easily understand the information and identify trends. The Play Workbook also considers industry activity by identifying operators within each play.


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