OneStop digital system

Created OneStop, a digital system that is revolutionizing the way we regulate by allowing companies to submit one application for one review with one decision for a project rather than multiple processes.

Regulatory Excellence Global Summit

Hosted about 90 international delegates at the inaugural Regulatory Excellence Global Summit to share information and to inspire collaboration and innovation among energy regulators the world over.

Dam and Pond Map Viewer

Released an interactive map to disclose oil and gas related pond locations in Alberta.

Replaced Turtle Mountain’s 3600 kilograms of aging monitoring equipment.

Working with the Orphan Well Association, ensured that two critical sour gas wells in south Calgary belonging to defunct operator Lexin Resources Inc. were properly abandoned.

Officially released Voices of Understanding, a book intended to help AER staff and indigenous communities draw parallels between western and indigenous decision-making.

Stakeholders Express Confidence

83 per cent of Albertans and 72 per cent of stakeholders expressed confidence in the AER.

AER at the supreme court of Canada/

Argued before the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn a lower-court decision in the Redwater Energy case, which would allow creditors and trustees of bankrupt energy companies to walk away from their obligations to clean up oil and gas sites.

Fort McKay air monitoring system/

Implemented four recommendations requested by an advisory committee to improve air quality and air-monitoring systems at Fort McKay.

Issued a report showing

Issued the Alberta Energy Industry Water Use Performance, which shows the amount of water used in oil sands, hydraulic fracturing, and other types of energy development in order to help improve industry performance.

Generated $143 million in annual savings for industry by finding efficiencies in our system while still ensuring public safety and environmental protection.

Using feedback from AER stakeholders, released a new strategic plan that enhances our ability to protect the public and the environment while continuing to improve Alberta’s energy regulatory system.