Coal life-cycle information which has been submitted to AER. For information related to coal applications, please see Applications.

Map-87: Coal in Alberta

Frequency of Publication
August 2015

This map of coal information in Alberta shows the geographical location of coal regions, fields, deposits, and occurrences as well as the location of coal zones and areas of surface mineable coal in the Plains region. It also includes the approximate location of mines with current permits and those that were active in the year listed. The details regarding the map can be found in ST31: Reserves of Coal, Province of Alberta. For a map of all coal mines in Alberta, please refer to Coal Mines in Alberta.


Single map (Map scale 1:1 150 000, map size 91 x 123 cm) PDF free self-serve
Historical Map (2015). GIS geodatabase file, also includes .mxd to preserve symbology or geodatabase file features Geodatabase free self-serve