Information related to well activity regulated by the AER as authorized by various acts of the Province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. For information related to well applications, please see Applications. Petrinex has well lists and production information available to the public.

ST2: Alberta Drilling Progress Weekly Report

Frequency of Publication

This is a weekly list of wells that have had a status change, wells which have become non-confidential and wells which have had drilling activity.

Attributes: Weekly Status Changes (including Abandoned): UWI, Well Name, Licence number, Licensee, Field code, Field Name, Current Status Code, Current Status Description, Previous Status Code, Previous Status Description; Weekly Released and Weekly Drilling Information Date: UWI, Well Name, AER Classification, StatDate, Status Description, Bottom Location Coordinates, Surface Location Coordinates, Licence Number, Licensee BAID, Ground Elevation, Kelly Bushing Elevation, Field Id, Final Drill Date, Final Total Depth, Spud Date, Max Total Vertical Depth, Well Tour Occurrence, Weekly Released Well Casing, Well Formation, Well Log Summary, Well Perforation Treatment

Note: New licences can be found in ST1: Well Licences Issued Daily List

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