Information related to well activity regulated by the AER as authorized by various acts of the Province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. For information related to well applications, please see Applications. Petrinex has well lists and production information available to the public.

General Well Data

Frequency of Publication

Provide basic drilling data for every oil, gas, oil sands, and water well in Alberta, including domestic water wells. Production numbers are not included:

General Well Data: Well Identifier, Historical Well Identifier, Well Licence Number, Well Name, Licensee BA Name, Final Drill Date, Final Total Depth (m), Kelly Bushing Elevation (m), Surface DLS Location, BH Latitude, BH Longitude, SH East West Code, SH East West Distance, SH North South Code, SH North South Distance, BH East West Code, BH East West Distance, BH North South Code, BH North South Distance, Licensee, Well Confidential Type, AER Classification, Rig Release Date, Plugback Depth, Final Drill Date, Final Total Depth, Kelly Bushing Elevation, Surface LSD, Bottom Hole Latitude and Longitude, Licence Issue Date, Completion Interval Top and Base, Well Casing and Cement, Production String, Field, Pool, Area, Deposit, Packer, Well Log Summary, Directional Drilling, Perf Treatment, Plugback & Abandonment, Well Tour Occurrence, Well Status History, Location, Geological Tops & Markers, Core Analysis Line Detail, Core Header, Core Analysis Detail, Core Analysis Method, Well Core Cut, Well Gas Analysis, Well Reservoir Analysis.

Petrinex Well Infrastructure Report : Well Information, Confidential Type, Experimental Confidential, Licence number, Linked Facility, Field, Pool, Area, deposit, Density in kg/m3 of the pool, Well Status, Spud Date, Horizontal Drill, Finished Drill Date, Final Total Depth, Max True Vertical Depth, Volumetric Gas Well Liquid Classification, Licensee, Commingle Information, Allowable Type, Block Number, Recovery Mechanism Type

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UWI (or partial UWI), historical UWI (or partial UWI), licence number


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