Oil Sands

Information pertaining to oil sands activity in Alberta. For information related to oil sands applications, please see Applications

ST53: Alberta In Situ Oil Sands Production Summary

Frequency of Publication
Monthly (2 months in arrears)

Production rates per calendar day for the following:

  • Crude Bitumen Production Rates
  • Water Production Rates
  • Steam Injection Rates
  • Number of wells actually producing or injecting / capable of production or injection
  • Steam/Oil Ratio
  • Water/Steam Ratio

Attributes: Operator, Scheme Name, Area, Approval Number, Recovery Method (Commercial-CSS, Commercial-SAGD, Enhanced Recovery, Experimental, Primary), Production by Month, Monthly Average

Note: Prior to 2008, ST53 only reported Crude Bitumen Production Rates, no other production rate was available.

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