Information related to well activity regulated by the AER as authorized by various acts of the Province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. For information related to well applications, please see Applications. Petrinex has well lists and production information available to the public.

Directional Surveys

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A directional survey report lists the points at which downhole measurements of measured depth, inclination from vertical and azimuth (direction relative to north) were taken as a wellbore was drilled and indicates the approximate wellbore path. Calculated values (e.g. true vertical depth (TVD)) based on these three measurements at each measurement location are also listed. Measurement devices range from simple pendulum-like devices to complex electronic accelerometers and gyroscopes. The report also provides details of the well licence, surface hole location, north reference, survey calculation method and convergence angle.

Attributes: Measured depth, inclination, azimuth, TVD below system, vertical depth, local coordinates, map coordinates, dogleg rate, vertical section.

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