Information related to well activity regulated by the AER as authorized by various acts of the Province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. For information related to well applications, please see Applications. Petrinex has well lists and production information available to the public.

Basic Well Code Conversion File

Frequency of Publication

Interpretation of coded data from the AER’s database. This data assists in translating coded data that appears in generated reports. The file includes interpretation of code names and abbreviations for data such as the following:

  • field/pool
  • oil sands area/deposit
  • company name and address (for operators, licensees, agents, drilling contractors)
  • field centre

Layout Document: This product includes detailed descriptions of the record layout and data mode. For complex files, the layout documentation also includes descriptions of the source data, limitations, editing during file creation, and maintenance. (For TXT format only.)


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