Information about facilities in Alberta. Facility types include battery, gas plant, meter station, as well as other facility types operating in the province. For information related to facility applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. Petrinex has facility lists and production information available to the public.

ST60: Crude Oil and Crude Bitumen Batteries Monthly Flaring, Venting, and Production Data

Frequency of Publication
Monthly (1 month in arrears)

This monthly report provides a convenient method to identify the batteries flaring solution gas in the province. It allows operators and third parties to identify batteries where conservation of solution gas may be economically viable. The overall objective is to reduce the volume of solution gas flared annually. Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER is a guide to understanding how data are submitted to the AER through Petrinex and aids in interpreting this report.

Attributes: field centre, battery location, battery location edit, field area (code), battery code, battery type, operator code, operator name, oil prod (m^3^), oil receipt (m^3^), oil op inv (m^3^), oil cl inv (m^3^), oil delivs (m^3^), gas prod (1000 m^3^), gas receipt (1000 m^3^), lease fuel (1000 m^3^), gas flared (1000 m^3^), gas vented (1000 m^3^), gas m diff (1000 m^3^), gas delivs (1000 m^3^), wtr prod (1000 m^3^), wtr receipt (1000 m^3^), wtr op inv (1000 m^3^), wtr cl inv (1000 m^3^), wtr m diff (1000 m^3^), wtr deliv (1000 m^3^), total number of wells, licence number, battery description

For similar information see option below for the monthly Conventional Volumetric Information report on the Petrinex Public Portal. It includes the current production year plus past four production years on a rolling window basis, and excludes waste plants and oil sands.

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