Information pertaining to pipelines regulated by the AER and that operate solely within the province’s boundaries. Pipelines that cross provincial or federal borders are regulated by the National Energy Board. For information related to pipeline applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer.

Base Plan Map – Low-Pressure Pipelines (Gas Co-op)

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The Base Plan Maps for low-pressure pipelines contain the original pipeline "as built" base maps that are submitted to Rural Utilities Division, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. The AER makes these available on behalf of Rural Utilities Division, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development . Rural Utilities is currently in transition to an online viewer for all low-pressure pipelines in Alberta. Due to this transition, Rural Utilities is unable to provide the 2018 updates of these Gas Co-op plans and cannot assume responsibility as to the accuracy or completeness of these plans. These maps show gas co-op and county gas distribution systems. Scale 1:20 000

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