Includes information related to compliance, licensees, reference, statistics, waste, and storage.

ST3: Alberta Energy Resource Industry Monthly Statistics

Frequency of Publication
Monthly (1 month in arrears)

ST3 includes monthly statistical data about the supply and disposition for butanes, ethane, gas, NGL, oil, propane, and sulphur, as well as gas storage and prices for sulphur and oil. This statistical report only includes information for Alberta. Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER is a guide to understanding how data are submitted to the AER through Petrinex and aids in interpreting this report.

Note: For similar information see option below for the monthly Conventional Volumetric Information report on the Petrinex Public Portal. It includes the current production year plus past four production years on a rolling window basis, and excludes waste plants and oil sands.

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