AER orders are legal documents that formally permit, direct or prohibit a specific action or actions. Orders help us ensure that oil and gas companies operate in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Orders can be issued for different purposes; for example, we might order a company to

• reduce its normal spacing of wells;

• close or abandon a facility; or

• stop an unsafe activity or operation.

AER Order System (BOS) Data

Frequency of Publication

At a minimum this product includes all current Pool Orders, Field Orders, and Gas Strike areas. The shapefile additionally includes control well zones. The self-service option links to the AER Order System for all regulatory orders and a graphical interface for field orders and pool orders. The link includes the capability to graphically query (locate) control wells (coalbed methane and shale gas), development entities (DEs), strike areas, oil sands areas (OSAs), and subsurface orders.

Current issue of ST103: Field and Pool Codes is included.

Layout Document (for TXT): This product includes detailed descriptions of the record layout and data mode. For complex files, the layout documentation also includes descriptions of the source data, limitations, editing during file creation, and maintenance.


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