Information about facilities in Alberta. Facility types include battery, gas plant, meter station, as well as other facility types operating in the province. For information related to facility applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. Petrinex has facility lists and production information available to the public.

ST102: Facility List

Frequency of Publication

ST102 is a complete list of facilities in Alberta that have a Petrinex Facility ID and have reported volumetric activity to the AER. It is in two parts: Part A - List of New and Active Facilities and Part B - List of Other Facilities (suspended, retired, abandoned). The shapefile contains both Active and Other facilities. In addition, the shapefile only includes facilities that have a geographical location.

For a list of facility licences, see Facility Licence List.

Facility types: battery, compressor station, custom treating facility, gas plant, gas gathering system, injection/disposal facility, meter station, oil sands processing plant, pipeline, refinery, tank terminal, waste plant, water source. A List of commercial gas storage fields and pools can be found in ST98.

Attributes: Facility ID, Facility Name, Operator Code, Operator Name, Sub Type Code, Sub Type, Location, Licence Number, Energy Development Category Type (EDCT) Code, EDCT Description, Licensee Code, Operational Status

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To view a similar product, see the Facility Infrastructure Report available through Petrinex.

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