Information about facilities in Alberta. Facility types include battery, gas plant, meter station, as well as other facility types operating in the province. For information related to facility applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. Petrinex has facility lists and production information available to the public.

ST13B: Alberta Gas Plant/Gathering System Activities

Frequency of Publication
Monthly (1 month in arrears)

ST13B contains the monthly volumetric data for gas plants and gas gathering systems which are reporting liquids. Activities such as receipts, dispositions, and processes are reported for gas and liquid products. A zero value in the balance column indicates that the activities at these facilities are in balance. The exception to this is for gas gathering systems that have production quantities - the balance column would be out by the amount of production at this facility. The data is extracted once a month from Petrinex. Each month of the current year will be refreshed up to and including the December publication.

Attributes: Receipts (Alberta facilities, non-Alberta facilities), Dispositions (battery, gas gathering, gas plant, injection facility, meter station, other, AB commercial, AB industrial, AB residential, AB electricity generation), Shrinkage (acid gas, other products), fuel, flared, vented, diff and other, Process and Frac (pentanes plus, propane, butanes, ethane, NGL, sulphur, sulphur closing inventory)

Note: For similar information see option below for the monthly Conventional Volumetric Information report on the Petrinex Public Portal. It includes the current production year plus past four production years on a rolling window basis, and excludes waste plants and oil sands.

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