Information pertaining to pipelines regulated by the AER and that operate solely within the province’s boundaries. Pipelines that cross provincial or federal borders are regulated by the National Energy Board. For information related to pipeline applications, please see Applications. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer.

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This dataset contains all AER-approved oil and gas pipelines in Alberta. This data represents the best information available to the AER at the date of publication. Specific pipeline location information should be obtained from the survey plans, owners, and field observation. This dataset excludes low pressure distribution lines. From October 1, 2016, pipelines with "removal" status will be removed from the dataset if the AER receives a letter verifying the removal of the pipeline, otherwise the pipelines will be included in the dataset with the status of "removal."

Pipeline installations associated with a pipeline licence are also included in this product as a point shapefile. A pipeline installation will be linked to a pipeline licence. There may be line segments associate with the pipeline installation licence or it may be a standalone installation on a licence.


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January 2020 onward monthly archive CSV, Shapefile $11.00