Application, approval, and decision information and supporting documents related to energy resource activity. Applications and supporting documents are searchable, viewable and downloadable through a number of systems found on the AER Systems & Tools website. Systems include Public Notice of Application, Publication of Decision and Integrated Application Registry Query (IAR).

Mines and Minerals Application and Supporting Documents

Frequency of Publication
As Requested

Routine disclosure of application and supporting documents under the Mines and Minerals Act (MMA) are confidential for 15 years. Disclosure of this package or individual documents may include the geophysical application and supporting documents outside of the 15 year confidentiality period, and program data. In conjunction with Directive ED2006-04, program data that is two years or older (i.e., two years after the completion date of a program of exploration conducted in Alberta) may be released as requested without the program licensee’s consent.

Program data consist of:

  • The preliminary plan application
  • The approval that was issued for the particular exploration program
  • All other approvals associated with that exploration program (e.g., temporary field authorization)
  • The geophysical field report that was submitted and approved
  • Any and all parameters of the program design and execution
  • The final plans and maps related to the exploration program that is contained in the Department of Environment and Sustainable Resources or AER records

Note: program data will only be sent via courier or registered mail at the customer's expense.

Disposition types include the following:

  • geophysical (GEO)
  • geophysical permits (PER)
  • geophysical licenses (LIC)
  • unique identification number (UIN)

Files in excess of 65 pages may be subject to additional charges.

Request By

As per the Directive, the written request must include all of the following:

  • the approved exploration program and the program data being requested (disposition i.e. GEO, PER, LIC, UIN)
  • phone number and address of the requester
  • legal land description or plan block and lot company name (disposition owner)

Individual Products

By disposition type PDF $30.00