Includes information related to compliance, licensees, reference, statistics, waste, and storage.

Licensee Liability Management Rating Assessment

Frequency of Publication
As Produced

Deemed liability and asset information. These reports are used to determine orphan well levy. This report is applicable to producer licensees and eligible producer licensees as per Directive 006.

Attributes: Summary: Licensee BA ID, Liability Run Date, Liability Run ID, Program Total Deemed Assets, Program Total Deemed Liabilities, Liability Ratio. Detail: Liability Run, Company Name, Company Code, LMR Date, Production Month, Licence Number, Licence Type, Waste Mgmt Approval, LMR Program, Asset Calc Method, Asset Costs, Liability Costs, Aband Cost Type, Abandonment Costs, Reclm Cost Type, Reclm Costs, Licence Status, Average Daily Oil Equivalent, Active Licence Ind, PVS Type, PVS Applied.

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BA code, date range (for detail), specify detail or summary.

Licensees are only provided with information for their own company with written confirmation on company letterhead. Companies cannot request information for other companies.


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Individual Products

Detail report by licence number XLS $33.00  
Summary report by BA code XLS $33.00