Information about the land and environment, including specified enactments (Public Lands Act, EPEA, etc.). There are also Landowner EnerFAQs. For information related to surface applications, please see Applications

Public Lands Act (PLA) Approved Regulator Temporary Field Authorizations (RTF) Dispositions

Frequency of Publication

This polygon spatial information outlines the Public Lands Act (PLA) approved Regulator Temporary Field Authorizations (RTF) dispositions.

Companies must apply for temporary field authorizations to respond to client requests for incidental clearings or activities on public land, respond to temporary changes in existing land disposition authorizations, or temporarily authorize appropriate land uses on public lands.

The polygons are not modified by the regulator to align with ATS4.1 or the DIDs spatial data product.


Application ID, Activity ID, Disposition Number, Disposition Type, Disposition Purpose, Disposition Activity, Application Date, Approval Date, Expiry Date, Disposition Total Area (hectares), Disposition Area (hectares), Plan Number, Company, Address


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