The Compliance Dashboard summarizes data collected at different points in time and does not necessarily represent the most current information available. This summary should not be relied upon by any person intending to deal with the company or any property, assets, or interests of the company. This information is provided without warranty of any kind, and the AER disclaims any liability for losses or damages resulting from the use of or reliance on this information.

Noncompliance & Enforcement

The noncompliance and enforcement tab replaces ST108 – AER Monthly Enforcement Action Summary and contains information starting from July 2014. New noncompliance or enforcement responses will be posted here within two business days of the AER issuing the response.

The responses reported here include the following:

  • enforcement decisions, such as warning letters, administrative penalties, and prosecution;
  • administrative sanctions (e.g., imposition of terms and conditions);
  • directions of an inspector in relation to section 137(2)(c) of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act;
  • orders issued to compel compliance or remediate;
  • any notice of noncompliance that is related to a full or partial suspension of operations;
  • suspension or cancellation of an approval; and
  • cancellation of a reclamation certificate.

Compliance orders issued before July 2014 are available under the Index of AER Orders.

Reference No. Company AER Response Description Date
Reference No. Company AER Response Description Date