Oil Sands

Information pertaining to oil sands activity in Alberta. For information related to oil sands applications, please see Applications

ST39: Alberta Mineable Oil Sands Plant Statistics Monthly Supplement

Frequency of Publication
Monthly (3 months in arrears)

Oil sands production, supplies, dispositions, and inventory of oil sands and processing products for all mineable oil sands facilities. The publication ST53: Alberta Crude Bitumen Production Monthly Statistics provides statistics for in situ oil sands schemes.

Attributes: Electricity (MWh): purchased, generated, plant use, exported; Oil Sands (tonnes): mined, mined grade, proc, processed grade; Process Gas (10³ m³), Sulphur (tonnes), Synthetic Crude Oil (m³), Coke (tonnes), Diluent Naphtha (m³), Purchased Natural Gas (10³m³), Crude Bitumen (m³), Intermediate Hydrocarbon (m³): opening inventory, receipts, production, closing inventory, further processing, deliveries, fuel, plant use, flared/wasted, metering difference, inventory adjustment

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