Subsurface (Geology)

Information related to sub-surface geology and reserves in the province of Alberta. For more geological reports, digital data, and maps, please see the Alberta Geological Survey.

Map-94: Map of Alberta Strike Areas

Frequency of Publication
March 2018

Product includes both a map and a strike area list index of all current strike areas. These can also be ordered as separate product options.

The map indicates the AER’s official area designations and would be helpful in the naming of wells. This map defines strike areas as follows:

  • An area in which gas has been tested at rates greater than 0.56 10^3^ m^3^/d (20 10^3^cf/d) prior to 30 September 1979 and 1.0 10^3^m^3^/d (35 10^3^cf/d) after that date.
  • An area in which a gas or an oil field has been established.
  • An area in which a spacing unit order or other approval has been issued.

Strike Areas are included in the shapefile of the AER Order System (BOS) Data.


Single map (pdf) and strike area list index (xlsx) Zipped File Format free self-serve