Information related to well activity regulated by the AER as authorized by various acts of the Province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. Some public information is available through the OneStop Public Map Viewer. For information related to well applications, please see Applications

Product Name

General Well Data

Frequency of Publication
As requested

This product comprises several individual documents associated with the completion of a well, including the following:

  • Basic Drillhole Report
  • Licensing
  • Agent/Licensee/Mineral Rights
  • Geological Tops and Markers Report
  • Drilling Occurrence Data
  • Drilled Hole Data
  • Casing and Cementing Data
  • Perforations / Treatments
  • Plug Back / Abandonment
  • Cores Cut/Drill Cuttings
  • Core Header
  • Core Header & Line Detail
  • DST/Wireline/C.R. Run
  • DST/Wireline/C.R. Sampler Detail
  • Paper Logs Run
  • Well Status History Report
  • Reservoir Evaluation Data Report
Request By

UWI, licence, section, or township. Reports listed above may also be ordered individually.


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Individual Products

Section Wells TXT $40.00    
Township Wells TXT $74.00    
One Well TXT $11.00