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This catalogue lists available AER data and services. Much of the information is available free of charge. The catalogue is searchable and products are organized by category.

Products are available in a variety of formats, including electronic, physical, and spatial. For your convenience, some products are available by subscription.

Product Release Highlights

Well, facility, and volumetric data files are now available to the public through Petrinex and are listed in the catalogue.

Data files that are now available, free of charge, through Petrinex include the following:

  • business associate
  • facility infrastructure
  • facility licence
  • facility operator history
  • well infrastructure
  • well licence
  • facility licence
  • well-to-facility link
  • conventional volumetrics (data for 2014 to 2018)

All data files are available to download in CSV or XML format and will be updated daily except for the conventional volumetrics files, which will be updated monthly.