Application, approval, and decision information and supporting documents related to energy resource activity. Applications filed with the regulator in the last 30 days are searchable and viewable through a number of systems found on the AER Systems & Tools website. Systems include Public Notice of Application, Publication of Decision and Integrated Application Registry Query (IAR).

Product Name

AER Applications

Frequency of Publication
As requested

For Directive 056 applications to construct or operate a facility, pipeline, or well please refer to products Facility Application and Supporting Documents, Pipeline Application and Supporting Documents, Well Application and Supporting Documents products.

For application information submitted under the Specified Enactments see Public Land Application and Supporting Documents, Water Act Applications and Supporting Documents, EPEA Application and Supporting Documents, MMA Application and Supporting Documents.

This product represents all other types of applications. To find a list of application categories and types that make up this product, please refer to the Integrated Application Registry system.

The information associated with each individual AER application will vary depending on the application type and complexity. At a minimum, this product will include the application and approval. It may also include the following:

  • notice of application or notice of hearing
  • submissions and interventions
  • available exhibits from the hearing
  • environmental impact assessment
  • additional supporting documents and correspondence associated with the individual application


  • Before a hearing is held, application copies are available through only the applicant.
  • Hearing transcripts are not included in the AER applications product, please see the AER Library for more information.
  • Tailings management plans are available online, see option below.
Request By
  • application number or approval number
  • GPP and GOR applications: field and company and date


Single application in IAR. Available up to 30 days after application disposition. PDF None self-serve  
Hearing Transcripts. View-only print copy at AER Library B&W Print None    
Proceedings in EPS PDF None self-serve  
Tailings Management Applications (submitted under Directive 085) PDF None self-serve  

Individual Products

By application number PDF $11.00    
By approval number (may include more than one application if approval is from 2003 or later) PDF $11.00