Application, approval, and decision information and supporting documents related to energy resource activity. Applications filed with the regulator in the last 30 days are searchable and viewable through a number of systems found on the AER Systems & Tools website. Systems include Public Notice of Application, Publication of Decision and Integrated Application Registry Query (IAR).

Product Name

EPEA Application and Supporting Documents

Frequency of Publication
As Requested

Routine disclosure of public documents under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA). Disclosure of this package or individual documents may include the following information:

  • Application/amendments and supporting documents
  • Approval
  • Supplemental Information Request (SIR)
  • Statement of Concern (SOC)
  • Official communication
  • Reclamation/remediation plans or proposals
  • Reclamation certificate (confirm through OneStop and ESAR)
  • Compliance (Contaminated Site Upstream, Site Contaminated Downstream, Enforcement Orders, Environmental Protection Order)
  • Monitoring reports

Signed approvals, may be found online (self-service) through the Authorization/Approval Viewer on the Government of Alberta website.

Request By
  • Application/Approval Number and/or Approval Holder with Legal Land Location
  • Please provide extra information if known

Individual Products

Single Document Type - Files in excess of 65 pages may be subject to additional charges. PDF $30.00