Subscription Products

Subscription pricing is based on an annual subscription from January to December. Regardless of when you purchase the subscription, you will be charged the full annual subscription price. There are no refunds for cancelled subscriptions. Renewal pricing is subject to change from year to year. Subscription products are delivered via the AER subscription FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. Subscriptions cannot be charged to an AER account. They can only be paid by credit card (either Visa or Mastercard).

List of Subscriptions

Active In Situ Scheme Approval Well List

AER Approvals

AER Order System (BOS) Data

AER Orders Package

Allowable Records

Base Plan Map – High-Pressure Pipelines

Basic Well Code Conversion File

Coalhole Data File

Company Name Change List Report

Company to Licence Number Cross Reference

Conventional Enhanced Recover Scheme Approvals

Core Analysis File

Directional Surveys

Enforcement Orders Package

Enhanced Pipeline Graphics File

Field Surveillance Incident Inspection List

Gas Well Liquid Classification

General Well Administration File - All Alberta

General Well Data - All Alberta (Weekly Updates)

General Well Data File - All Alberta

Geological/Other Studies Reports

In Situ Oil Sands Scheme Approvals

Individual Well Gas Analysis Data By Zone

Integrated Geological Database System (IGDS) Well File

Maximum Rate Limitation Order (MRL Order)

Mineable Oil Sands Project Scheme Approvals

Mineable Oil Sands Well Data File

Miscellaneous Orders (MISC Orders)

Multi-Unit Order (MU Order)

Oil Pressure Tests File

Pipeline Attribute File

Pipeline Register File - All Alberta

Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies - Core and Drill Cuttings

Routine Core Analysis

Spacing Unit Order (SU Order)

ST102: Facility List

ST2: Alberta Drilling Progress Weekly Report

ST26: Alberta Coal Industry Monthly Statistics

ST44: Active Oil Sands Schemes

ST53: Alberta In Situ Oil Sands Production Summary

ST56: Gas Production Summary

ST60: Crude Oil and Crude Bitumen Batteries Monthly Flaring, Venting, and Production Data

Well Logs

Well Production Data File - All Alberta

Well Tests: Fluid Analysis - Oil, Water, and Gas

Well Tests: Pressure & Deliverability