Includes information related to compliance, licensees, reference, statistics, waste, and storage.

ST104: Licensee Agent Code List

Frequency of Publication

ST104: Business Associate Code List: Includes Business Associate (BA) codes for all registered licensees and agents. It is a subset of the larger ST104A: Licensee Agent Code List. Attributes: BA code, licensee, abbreviation, address, phone, agent name, code

ST104A Licensee Agent Code List: Includes licensees and agents but also includes companies (e.g., drilling companies) that have codes but are not registered licensees or agents. It is alphabetic by company name (PDF) and numerically by business associate code (Excel). Attributes: BA Code, Company Name, Address, Phone

Note: See option below for Petrinex Public Portal which provides self-serve access to similar information, including amalgamated business associate information.


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