AER Orders

Orders are legal documents that formally order a specific action or prohibition, including facility closure or abandonments. Orders can be issued at any time during the lifecycle of oil and gas activity, and not necessarily as a result of an incident. They are used to clarify AER expectations and remind companies of their regulatory responsibilities.

Product Name

AER Orders (Historical)

Frequency of Publication

Historical AER Orders available:

  • Coal Field Boundary Order (CF) (Request by field name)
  • Cost Order (CO Order)
  • Fire Hazard Order (FH Order)
  • Gas Bitumen Order (GB Order)
  • Gas Conservation Order (GC Order)
  • Gas Measurement Exemption Order (GE Order)
  • Geological and Topographic Order (GTO Order)
  • Initial Production Order (IP Order)
  • Infill Well Order (IW Order)
  • Leduc Order (L Order)
  • Lloydminster Order (LL Order)
  • MD Order
  • Allowable Transfer Order (MDS Order) (Request by field name and order number)
  • Medicine Hat Orders (MH Orders)
  • Miscellaneous Pipeline Orders (MISC-PL Orders) (Request by pipeline licence number)
  • Operator Order (O Order)
  • Oil Sands Area Boundary Order (OSA Order) (1-3 available on
  • Oil Sands Deposit Boundary Order (OSD Order)
  • Orders Unnumbered (OU Order)
  • Project Area Order (PA Order)
  • Quarry Permits (Q Permit) (Request by permit number)
  • Redwater Order (R Order)
  • Turner Valley Order (TV Order)
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Order Number, and optionally year, unless specified otherwise

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