Subsurface (Geology)

Information related to sub-surface geology and reserves in the province of Alberta. For more geological reports, digital data, and maps, please see the Alberta Geological Survey.

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ST98: Alberta’s Energy Reserves and Supply/Demand Outlook

Frequency of Publication

Web-based annual report with independent and comprehensive information on the state of reserves and supply and demand outlook for Alberta’s diverse energy resources: crude bitumen, crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, sulphur and coal.

ST98 also provides downloadable report data for:

  • Reserves
  • Commodity prices
  • Supply cost
  • Commodity forecast and analysis
  • Capital expenditure
  • Transportation and facilities
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Oil and Gas Pool Reserves Files (current year) XLS None self-serve  
Annual report HTML None self-serve  
Report Graphics and Corresponding Data Sets XLS, Tableau None self-serve  
Executive Summary PDF None self-serve  
Infographic PDF None self-serve  

Individual Products

Historical Reserves - Single file (annual, files available for 1950-1999, as ST18, ST18A) PDF $11.00