Application, approval, and decision information and supporting documents related to energy resource activity. Applications filed with the regulator in the last 30 days are searchable and viewable through a number of systems found on the AER Systems & Tools website. Systems include Public Notice of Application, Publication of Decision and Integrated Application Registry Query (IAR).

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Reclamation Certificates

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Alberta’s Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act requires operators to conserve and reclaim specified land and obtain a reclamation certificate. These certificates are issued to operators when their site has been successfully reclaimed. When a site is no longer productive, the operator applies for a reclamation certificate that includes an analysis of contamination and a report detailing how contaminants were cleaned and surface issues were addressed.

Reclamation certificates issued by Environment and Parks (previously Environment and Sustainable Development) prior to March 24, 2014 for upstream oil and gas well sites and other specified lands on private land and the associated file information for the certificates (e.g., applications, reports) are available through ESAR (Environmental Site Assessment Repository).

For reclamation certificates issued on private land by the Alberta Energy Regulator on or after March 24, 2014 please order product EPEA Applications and Supporting Documents. For reclamation certificates issues for sites on public land please order product Public Land Application and Supporting Documents.


Environmental Site Assessment Repository (ESAR) PDF None self-serve  

Individual Products

Private land certificates issued by AER on or after March 24, 2014 PDF $30.00  
Public land certificates PDF $30.00