Subsurface (Geology)

Information related to sub-surface geology and reserves in the province of Alberta. For more geological reports, digital data, and maps, please see the Alberta Geological Survey.

Product Name

Section Gas Table Reserve File

Frequency of Publication

Remaining marketable gas reserves allocated on a section-by-section, zone-by-zone, pool-by-pool basis. Additional data on the file includes section location of the reserve, midformation depth, field code, pool code, GEMM zone code, and count of sections included in the pool. The data in the file is stored on a section location basis.

Note: Only year-end generations of the section gas table will reflect marketed gas production figures for the previous year.

Layout Document: This product includes detailed descriptions of the record layout and data mode. For complex files, the layout documentation also includes descriptions of the source data, limitations, editing during file creation, and maintenance. (For TXT format only.)

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