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Spacing Unit Order (SU Order)

Frequency of Publication
As requested

The spacing unit approval documents include the approval and an outline map. Compilation issues are organized by field. Types include holdings, units and special DSUs (drilling spacing units). Please note that any spacing approved after November 2007 does not outline maps, it only includes approved provisions and areas.

Request By

Field (for all orders for that field), approval number (for approval and all amendments), or application number (for specific spacing unit)


Individual spacing unit outline map for spacing unit orders approved after October 2007. Map Viewer None self-serve  
Spacing disposition document available on IAR. Available up to 30 days after spacing unit disposition. HTML None self-serve  


Weekly (52 issues) PDF $459.00    


All files from 1954 to 2003 PDF $1,720.00    
All files from 2004 to current PDF $863.00    

Individual Products

One order, available 30 days after disposition PDF $11.00