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Abandoned Well Spatial Data

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This Spatial information consists of both Abandoned Well data and Revised Abandoned Well Location data.

The Abandoned Well dataset represents the licence status, surface location, licensee of record, and other basic information for all abandoned wells across Alberta. This data is extracted from the AER’s database which contains information provided by industry. These wells are licensed by the AER and have been positioned according to the AER’s records.

The Revised Abandoned Well Location dataset represents the revised post-abandonment location as reported by stakeholders. Directive 079 requires the abandoned well to be located and tested for gas migration leaks prior to development activities to ensure that a 5 metre setback from surface structures is maintained. When an abandoned well location is communicated back to the AER, which differs from the location reported under Directive 056, it will be included in the revised abandoned well dataset.

Additional information can be found on the Government of Alberta’s GeoDiscover Map and accompanying user guide.

Note: See Directive 079: Surface Development in Proximity to Abandoned Wells for instructions on using the well viewer on the AER website.

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Abandoned Well Data (Daily) GCS_NAD83 and NAD83_10TM_AEPForest Shapefile self-serve
Revised Abandoned Well Locations (Monthly) GCS_NAD83 and NAD83_10TM_AEPForest Shapefile self-serve