Subsurface (Geology)

Information related to sub-surface geology and reserves in the province of Alberta. For more geological reports, digital data, and maps, please see the Alberta Geological Survey.

Product Name

Oil Pool Reserves File

Frequency of Publication

Basic reservoir parameters and total reserves of all significant crude oil pools in the province. Records for each oil pool or each mechanism in the pool. Used in tabulation of Proved Reserves of Crude Oil and Approximate Basic Data in ST98: Alberta’s Energy Reserves and Supply/Demand Outlook.

A layout document is available for the historical text file that details the record layout and data mode.

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Individual Products

All of Alberta, Single file (files available for 1978 to 2015) TXT $1,834.00    
Field or company XLS $11.00    
All of Alberta, Single file (files available for 2009 to current), Current version available through ST98 – Electronic Data File XLS $546.00